Clan Ross America

Easter Ross Clearances

1762: Sheep-farming introduced into the North of Scotland by Sir John Lockhart Ross of Balnagown.
1792: Year of the Sheet (Bliadhna nan Coorach) – In August former tenants drove 6,000 sheep belonging to the hated new sheep farms south to Boath, a township above Alness.  They were met by soldiers from the King’s Black Watch battalion, who arrested twelve ring leader.  Of these 12 men, five appeared in court on the 14 September, where one was ordered to be transported, two were imprisoned and two banished forever from Scotland.  However, all five were mysteriously to escape their incarceration, never to be recaptured.
1810: 18 Families from near Tain chose to emigrate to America after they were removed from their farms.
1820: Riots in Culrain, soldiers opened fire on female protestors as Sheriff Macleod of Geanies tried to clear the people for Munro of Novar.
1830-1840: During this period famine and cholera added to the difficulties of the newly displaced tenants.  Many chose to emigrate.  Over 30 ships stopped at Cromarty for emigrants, destined mainly for Canada.
1845: Glecalvied was cleared.  Of the 400 to 500 inhabitants cleared, 90 or so people had nowhere to go and took shelter in the churchyard of Croick Church.  Some of them inscribed their names on the church window where they remain to this day.
1846-1847: Potato Blight in the Highland of Scotland led to failure of the potato crop.  Food riots broke out in protest at grain being shipped from Invergordon.
1854: on 31st March constables from Ross and Inverness set off to clear Greenyards.  There were met by the women, who claimed that their landlord have given them assurances that they would not be cleared.  The procurator began to read aloud the Rio Act to the women.  The women did not budge.  The police armed with truncheons, beat the Ross women, causing severe injuries.