Clan Ross America
The Clan Ross America members and Board invite you to join the celebration of our Scottish heritage and discover your place in it. If your ancestors are of Scottish descent and are friends and family of Clan Ross, then you need to join CRAmerica and expand your understanding of the culture that helped make you who you are.
If you are Scottish-American from Ross-shire born ancestors, you can own the pride of more than 1000 years of tradition.
Join us, and gather an appreciation of Scotland - help support 5 museums and churches in Ross-shire - and encourage our cousins who are athletes, dancers and muscians that carry on our colorful traditions at Highland Games competitions.
Select a page; New Member application, Renewal, or Life Member confirmation. Print the form, fill it out and send it in as the instructions explain.
Membership in Clan Ross America is $25 per year. Membership is tax deductable by federal standards, and to the extent allowed by law in your area.
With Membership comes access to participation in CRAmerica activities, our beautiful Newsletter, and many, evolving articles about our heratige in history, food, sport, fashion, maps, travel, religion, and genealogy - set on our website exclusively for Members only.


Persons with the sir name of Ross, or ancestors with the sir name of Ross are welcome to join, along with the Sept families who are our noble allies. Sept families include the names of Anderson, Andison, Andrew, Andrews, Corbet, Corbett, Crow, Crowe, Croy, Deas, Denoon, Denune, Dingwall, Duthle, Fair, Fear, Fearn, Gillanders, Hagart, Haggart, Lockhart, MacAndrew, MacAndrews, MacCullie, MacCulloch, Mac Clulluch, MacLulluch, MacTaggart, MacTear, MacTier, MacTyre, McLulich, Mitchell, Taggart, Tarrel, Tullo, Tulloch, Tyre, Vass,



Active members of CRAmerica can login to the special content of the website with the following steps:

Your "LOGIN NAME" is the first 3 letters of your given name, followed by your 4 digit membership number, followed by your full surname. (If your member number is less than 1000, put 0's in front of it until you have a 4 digit member number.) If you cant find your membership number, contact me at and I will get back to you.

Your "PASSWORD" is your first initial, followed by your 5 digit zipcode, followed by your surname initial

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